6 creative ideas for open response polling

One question we get all the time is, ‘What can I do with open response polling?’ Open response polls let users type out their own responses to questions – think Mad Libs in polling form. This style is ideal for brainstorming (‘How can we reduce turnover?’) or tackling complicated concepts (‘Describe happiness, in a word’)…. continue reading »


It’s a Mars colony Q&A. What could possibly go wrong?

Hi, Elon. We’ve been following your Mars colony news with all the wonder and curiosity our parents probably felt at the moon landing. Then we watched this perfectly good Q&A get derailed by a few (drunk?) audience members… Yeah. As someone who could be building rockets instead of answering questions about space poop, you handled that incredibly… continue reading »

Team building and bbq with Poll Everywhere

A team-building contest with Poll Everywhere– and a BBQ!

Every summer the entire Poll Everywhere team comes together for our annual company retreat/team-building. It’s an action-packed week when local and remote employees gather at an offsite location to reflect, focus, plan, and bond. As the Poll Everywhere Office Manager (and general Jill-of-all-things-employee-engagement) this is one of my biggest opportunities of the year to reinforce and celebrate the culture we… continue reading »


Managing the risks of an interactive town hall

Employees are disengaged. They’ve checked out. Sometimes they’re actively hostile towards their companies. Gallup calls it a crisis. Thought leaders like Josh Bersin say the issue “is becoming one of the biggest competitive differentiators in business.” Research from McKinsey shows that organizations that are good at motivating employees are 60% more likely to be in the top… continue reading »


10 word cloud activities for the classroom

There’s something magical about building a live word cloud together with a group. If you’ve ever tried it as part of a crowd, you know. You see your own response growing and shrinking on the big screen alongside all the other words from all the other audience members, and it gets to you. It’s the poll type… continue reading »