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The Educational Value of the New and Shiny

Teaching bright students presents its own set of challenges. Highly intelligent kids pick up new concepts quickly, but they get bored just as fast. Teachers who want to stay one step ahead need speed, flexibility, and a keen eye for novelty. This Honors English teacher jumps on brand new educational apps and features, like clickable […]


Quiz Instantly with Boundless Question Integration

Educators, you work hard. On top of full weekdays, 51% of you get right back to prepping and grading on Sunday. On any given Monday, 79% of you are up and working by 7 a.m. And statistics show that the more seasoned you grow as a teacher, the more hours you put into the job. We’re […]


When Polling Means Power to the People

When your community has urgent questions that need big answers, a poll can mean the difference between good information and the most useful information possible. Organizers at the Community Energy Congress used live polling to whittle down their message until it was exactly what the audience needed to know.


Pet Doctors Learn Through Polling

When your kitty gets sick, veterinarians rely on skill, education, and experience to get her purring again. At Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine, Professor of Feline Internal Medicine John August combines an audience response system, case studies, and a flipped classroom model to teach his 80 students (future doctors).

Flickr Search Integration

Flickr Search Integration

Have you had trouble finding a good background or ‘logo’ image for your polls in the past? We’ve added a new option to help, Flickr search. You can now add a background or ‘logo’ image to your polls from the visual settings menu using Flickr. Enjoy!  


R&D Exec Gamifies Presentations to Engage

Scott Rosencrance oversees Research and Development for the Americas Paper Segment at Kemira, a specialty chemical company serving water intensive industries such as paper, oil, gas, mining, and municipal water treatment across the globe. Scott’s organization works to support existing customers. It also works to maintain an active innovation pipeline, with a focus on new […]