Distribution of Flinders University School of Medicine

Using Simultaneous Polls to Bridge Vast Distances

Sometimes even the experts need experts. At the School of Medicine at Flinders University in Australia, lecturers connect with students not only on the campus in Darwin, but also with students in distant Adelaide, through e-learning technologies including interactive slides, videoconferencing, and polling software. Connecting medical experts and students at these campuses over 1,880 miles […]

My Polls Interface Update

Updated My Polls Interface

We’ve made a few updates to the My Polls interface based on user feedback! Push From My Polls You can now push/unpush a poll from the My Polls page. The push icon will also indicate which poll is currently pushed (highlighted in green). Fixed Header Menu The ‘bulk’ editing options found at the top of your My Polls […]


Presenting in the Age of Aesthetics

“Would you rather be called ugly or boring?” That was the poll we conducted a few weeks ago. Out of 190 business and academic professionals, 55% said they preferred to be called ugly, not boring. These are just descriptive statistics, not meant to generalize to a larger population; however, the data can provide reasonable insights […]


Hewlett-Packard Sales Conferences Go International, the Easy Way

Simon Puleo has a big job at HP, training sales staff and new hires to present HP products to the world. He designs curriculum, and pioneers new ways of training and connecting with HP sales teams in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

PollEv Mobile Voting

Improved Mobile Device Voting Experience

It’s no surprise that we’ve seen an ever increasing number of participants voting via their mobile device’s web browser as opposed to text messaging.  Text message voting will always have its place and benefits; however, the mobile browser provides endless possibilities for new presenter-audience interaction (some of which you’ll see below).  We’re really excited about this […]

username voting page

Your PollEv Username

Your PollEv username is used as a login, live voting page (PollEv.com/yourname), and simple texting “check-in” method.  More info can be found here. It’s so awesome, we’ve ensured that every account will have one. Trust us … you’ll love it! You’ll be assigned a username  based on the first and last name fields of your profile. […]