Who can add images to polls? All ya’ll. That’s who.

Images help people connect with your message when words fall short. But most of all they’re fun– much more fun than plain blocks of text on a screen! Poll Everywhere offers four easy ways to add images to your polls.


New Feature: Many Answers, One Text

Sometimes a good question deserves more than one response. If that’s the case in your next multiple choice poll, good news! With new multi-response texting, it’s easier than ever to give your participants plenty of wiggle room.


Why Flipping the Classroom Is Easier (and Smarter) than Ever

The buzz about flipped classrooms only seems to get louder. Here’s how it started, why it matters, and why it’s easier every day.


The Secret to Presentations that Change Minds

Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln… They all used the same simple tool to influence generations and change the world. Each led his audience to overcome insurmountable obstacles by engaging the heart along with the mind. Many studies bear out the fact that emotion plays a vital role in decision-making. If […]

New York

The Educational Value of the New and Shiny

Teaching bright students presents its own set of challenges. Highly intelligent kids pick up new concepts quickly, but they get bored just as fast. Teachers who want to stay one step ahead need speed, flexibility, and a keen eye for novelty. This Honors English teacher jumps on brand new educational apps and features, like clickable […]


Quiz Instantly with Boundless Question Integration

Educators, you work hard. On top of full weekdays, 51% of you get right back to prepping and grading on Sunday. On any given Monday, 79% of you are up and working by 7 a.m. And statistics show that the more seasoned you grow as a teacher, the more hours you put into the job. We’re […]