Auto-number Custom Keywords

Sometimes it’s the little conveniences that make web sites a joy to work in.

If you’re on some of our paid plans you get to choose your keywords. It’s common to use some acronym (perhaps your company, group, or conference initials) for keywords, followed by numbers.

Let’s say you are interested in other people’s business. Let’s say you work as part of the National Society Affirming, “Privacy Rights Is So Mundane”. You might want to make a poll like this:


In the past you had to type in each keyword separately. We had someone call last week who needed 300 choices on a single poll (and believe it or not, this happens frequently). Data entry is no fun. So now, if you set the first keyword to be letters followed by a number, and the rest of your keywords are just auto-keywords, we’ll just auto-number the rest for you following your pattern.

HOPE1 -> HOPE1, HOPE2, HOPE3, HOPE4, etc
P200 -> P200, P201, P202, etc


It’s a very simple feature, but a great time-saver.

About Jeff

Jeff, CEO and co-founder, learned the power of engagement as a Deloitte consultant and the CIO of a school district in Guatemala. Jeff holds a B.S. in electrical engineering from the University of Illinois and an MBA from MIT Sloan.