Announcing an exciting partnership with Microsoft

We’re thrilled to announce that we joined Microsoft as their launch partner for the PowerPoint app store at this week’s Sharepoint 2014 conference in Vegas. Today, users can get the Poll Everywhere app for PowerPoint through the Office Store, which is accessible on Office.com and directly within the ribbon menu of Office 2013 SP1. Poll Everywhere was featured as […]

Click on the flying buttress! _ Poll Everywhere - Google Chrome 2013-10-10 17.05.18

Introducing a new poll type…Clickable Image Polls!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a clickable image poll is worth 100,000!*


Graphical instructions for open-response polls

Sometimes your audience doesn’t quite get which code to put in front of their message. Or perhaps you want a dramatic unveiling of the responses. You want to show the poll question, but not the results until they’re all in. (You love that gasp from your audience when you switch from the poll question to […]


A massive, jam-packed feature release so awesome, we’re just going to list everything out.

Normally we get pretty clever in these blog posts. (Well, at least we like to think so.) But this time… this time is different. We built so many amazing features for you this summer. So much packed into one phenomenal release, we’re just going to list them out.  That’s it. One long list of exciting […]


The participant organizer that has Professor Xavier dancing in the streets

You are a superhero. You have hundreds of polls, thousands of responses, all neatly organized by lesson plan, class, and day of the week. You run real-time polling WITH YOUR MIND and your students love you. Ah yes, your students. Your many, many students. Rapt pupils of past, present, and near future. While your polls are […]

Auto-number Custom Keywords

Sometimes it’s the little conveniences that make web sites a joy to work in. If you’re on some of our paid plans you get to choose your keywords. It’s common to use some acronym (perhaps your company, group, or conference initials) for keywords, followed by numbers. Let’s say you are interested in other people’s business. […]