New placeholder images simplify polling in PowerPoint

This update is currently available on Windows and Mac. The holidays are here and Poll Everywhere has a special gift for all the PowerPoint presenters out there: updated placeholder screenshots. When you insert a poll into PowerPoint, you’ll see a spiffy new preview of your poll right in the deck, instead of a generic placeholder image…. continue reading »


Interactive presentation idea: live caption contests

Every week, The New Yorker fields 5,372 entries for its celebrated cartoon caption contest. That’s nearly 300,000 entries per year. Why? The caption contest is an irresistible call to action. This work of art is incomplete, and only you can complete it. Are you up to the task? The urge to create is irresistible, especially… continue reading »


New features: Fall 2016

Time-saving improvements, better slide integration, smarter clickable-image polling… The Poll Everywhere engineers have been busy cooking up good things for you. Here are a few you might want to try. Edit polls right there in PowerPoint Now you can make your Poll Slides look as wonderful as all your other slides, without ever leaving PowerPoint (or Google Slides, or Keynote)…. continue reading »


6 creative ideas for open response polling

One question we get all the time is, ‘What can I do with open response polling?’ Open response polls let users type out their own responses to questions – think Mad Libs in polling form. This style is ideal for brainstorming (‘How can we reduce turnover?’) or tackling complicated concepts (‘Describe happiness, in a word’)…. continue reading »


It’s a Mars colony Q&A. What could possibly go wrong?

Hi, Elon. We’ve been following your Mars colony news with all the wonder and curiosity our parents probably felt at the moon landing. Then we watched this perfectly good Q&A get derailed by a few (drunk?) audience members… Yeah. As someone who could be building rockets instead of answering questions about space poop, you handled that incredibly… continue reading »