Mac Users: Live SMS & Twitter Feedback in Keynote

Hey! We retired the feature described in this blog post and replaced it with something MUCH better! Check out the Poll Everywhere Mac App

We believe in diversity here at Poll Everywhere, and as a policy, discrimination is not tolerated. So why have we always had live poll slides for PC/Windows PowerPoint users, but nothing for our Keynote Mac (or even PowerPoint Mac) users? Suffer no longer, Mac comrades! We’ve worked hard to break free from the chains of Keynote intolerance and forge forward to be equally accepting and conscientious of our Mac customers.

Thanks to the work of our tireless team, Keynote slide integration is officially in beta. We’ve taken great care to make the two step process as simple as possible. First, click on the download slide button and choose whichever program you want to open.


You’ll be taken to a screen that looks like this:


Download the Poll Everywhere Mac Slide connection, click “OK” and then put your Keynote presentation to Slideshow mode. Voila, you have a live poll slide nestled comfortably within your Keynote presentation.

Here are some limitations and issues you should know about (and if any of these are show-stoppers, you can always try our hovering Mac Deskbar on top of your slides):

  1. It is a beta offering so if Keynote/PowerPoint Mac slides don’t work, we can’t offer a refund as a result of their quirks. They’re strictly beta/experimental right now, even though they work well for most situations.
  2. You need iWork ’09 or later (Keynote ’09 or later) and Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) or later. It may be possible that you can find a way to magically make it work with earlier versions of Keynote but it is unlikely to work with anything less than Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6. We may be able to support earlier versions of Keynote but it is unlikely we will ever support earlier versions of OS X. Sorry, it’s just an Apple technical limitation.
  3. Currently, you cannot download slides for PowerPoint Mac (instead, you get a .MOV movie file from us and then you can embed that into PowerPoint for Mac). This .MOV file won’t work on Windows.
  4. Multiple Choice Polls work, but Free-text polls and Goal polls are not supported yet.
  5. There are no customization/graphic look & feel options yet. However, in Keynote, you can customize the background with whatever you want! It’s a transparent background so anything behind it will show through. Here is an example of how great it could look:
  6. Some polls may not look right depending on their keyword character lengths and a few other things. If the graphics look a little strange, sorry about that. We’re still working on them.

To all of our Mac users out there; thank you for your patience, and we would love to hear feedback on our latest feature. Enjoy!

About brad

Brad is Poll Everywhere’s CTO, co-founder, and head of coffee quality. Before creating the magic of live polling for the masses, Brad did a stint at Deloitte Consulting and graduated Indiana University at the ripe age of 19.


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  • toddalbert

    Thanks so much for the Mac love! We appreciate it!

  • Farid Chaouki

    This is great! Just very frustrating that I can’t change the design of the slide for Keynote (widescreen layout, colors, typeface…). Can’t wait for the next update. Planning on integrating this in most of our client presentations. Thanks.

  • shane

    Haven’t been to Polleverywhere in a while. It’s great to see the Keynote integration. Thanks.