why successful meetings start and end with Poll Everywhere

Why successful meetings start and end with Poll Everywhere

11 million meetings take place in the US every day. That’s nearly three billion meetings per year, at an average cost of $338 per meeting. What’s your share of that cost? If meetings are such productivity killers, why have them at all? Meetings get a bad rap, and the numbers say it’s well deserved. To… continue reading »

12 unusual ways to spur creativity during meetings

Poll Everywhere welcomes Maren Hogan from ReadWrite as the guest author of this post. Holding brainstorming sessions is easy. It’s the actual brainstorming that’s tough — and often ineffective. As the boss, how do you get your team to come up with great ideas on the spot, and then actually follow through? Members from Young Entrepreneur Council… continue reading »

How our peer-to-peer bonus program delivered on our values

“It was a really crazy week,” recalled Sammy, a sales account executive at Poll Everywhere. It all started when the customer support team unexpectedly lost a senior representative right before the single busiest time of the year. Calls and tickets were expected to double – and there simply weren’t enough people to pick up the phones. Sammy,… continue reading »

Trim your PowerPoint quiz from a dozen slides to one

How many slides do you think people remember on average from a 20-slide, text-only PowerPoint? 20? 15? 10? The correct answer is four. People remember an average of only four slides from a 20-slide, text-only PowerPoint. The remaining 16 slides fall victim to our working memory, which struggles to recall more than four items from… continue reading »

How to get more done with Poll Everywhere’s new activity creator

Poll Everywhere recently unveiled its redesigned activity creator. The new creator is available now for all presenters. When you load it up for the first time, there may be some activities you don’t recognize. Don’t worry. I have a full breakdown of how everything works below. There are also some useful tips and links to help you get the most… continue reading »