Poll Everywhere for Google Slides

New, live polling embedded in Google Slides

We like Google Slides a lot, but everything is better when you add live audience interaction. Even Google Slides.

That’s why we created a nifty Chrome extension that lets you embed any Poll Everywhere poll as a Poll Slide in your Google Slides deck.

You can download it right now, and have brand new Google Poll Slides in your deck in less than five minutes. Like this:

Here’s how you can get the Google Slides mojo going:

1. Make sure you’re using Chrome as your browser. Since it’s a Chrome extension doing the magic, it won’t work in Firefox or Internet Explorer.
2. Download the free PollEv Presenter Chrome extension from the Chrome Store. Then navigate to Google Slides.
3. Click the Poll Everywhere tab in Google Slides. Use it to log into your PollEv account.
4. Insert or create a Poll Slide. You can also insert a survey (multiple questions for self-paced responses).
5. Now click Present. When you open the Poll Slide, it will automatically activate for you. Poll charts will move and update in real-time. A Survey Slide will show a progress chart, so you know when everyone has finished.

Handy resources to get you started:

Download PollEv Presenter for Google Slides

P.S. Still need a free Poll Everywhere account?

No worries. Sign up here and now, so that you can start polling in Google Slides just as soon as you download the extension. Your account is free until you decide to upgrade. Use it to interact with up to 25 audience members at a time (or up to 40 students if you’re an educator).

Get a free account button

Why use Poll Everywhere in Google Slides?

Interaction makes the message stick. When you get the audience to think, react, and question what you’re saying, they’re more likely to remember, and therefore more likely to act.

Adding a Q&A poll, a live word cloud, multiple choice quiz, or clickable image makes people sit up and pay attention. They have to use their phones and respond, instead of playing around on Facebook. You become the presenter who listened. Your town hall becomes more authentic and transparent. Your meeting becomes decidedly unboring. It’s powerful stuff.

Here’s why it’s even better in Slides:

  1. Google Slides is starting to be big in education. Poll Everywhere is also big in education (a leading classroom response system with no clickers in sight). Using live word clouds and Q&A polls in the context of a Google slide is just one more way to create cloud-based learning activities with your students.
  2. Google Slides is great for wandering presenters. It’s arguably more portable than any other presentation platform, because it follows you everywhere there’s internet. You don’t need to download, email, or otherwise risk altering the polished look and feel of your slide deck. And there is zero danger of losing a presentation by leaving your thumb drive on an airplane seat. Likewise, your Poll Everywhere questions live on the web, so you can use them anywhere you can use Slides.
  3. Google Slides invites interaction by its very nature. As a collaboration tool, the Google Apps suite is unparalleled. Why not take the collaboration all the way to a live presentation environment? That’s what Poll Everywhere adds– live interaction in the context of a single slide.
  4. Google Slides makes sense for professors and corporate learning instructors who have to shuffle from lectern to lectern. Some universities have IT policies that make it tedious to install PollEv Presenter Add-in for PowerPoint on every lecture hall machine. But installing a Chrome extension like Poll Everywhere for Google Slides is often a much friendlier process.

Start creating interactions for Google Slides now

First, get a free Poll Everywhere account. The free plan allows you to interact with up to 25 people at a time (40 people for educators). You don’t have to upgrade unless you anticipate a bigger audience size, or you need extra niceties like a custom username or reporting & analytics. Make as many questions and surveys as you like.

Get a free account button

Next, install the PollEv Presenter Chrome Plugin for Google Slides. The next time you open a Slides presentation, you’ll see Poll Everywhere in the menu ribbon. Click it and sign into your Poll Everywhere account. Then you can insert one of the questions you already created, or create a new one right there in Slides. When you present it fullscreen, you’ll see the question come to life, ready for responses. If you’re not logged in or not presenting, you’ll see a screenshot of your poll instead of the live version.

Find the Poll Everywhere tab in Google Slides

Ready? Go forth and engage, Google presenters! Drop us a line if you meet with any resistance.


  • Hi,
    I love the platform and probably would use it much more IF you had a Brazilian toll free number (event if I had to pay to use it in a pro version, for example). Please, think about hiring Brazilian numbers to include in the dial-in list. We have 200 million people using cell phones and 95 million internet users around here :-)

    • Rebecca Kerr

      Hi, Claudio! That’s so true. We’ve got limited mobile support in Brazil right now, but we can look into the possibility of adding better coverage!

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  • Rebecca Kerr

    YES. :)

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  • Whistler Mediacenter

    doesnt work for me. the slide just shows the “your poll will show here” placeholder

  • Whistler Mediacenter

    hmm it never worked in my first slide. I created a 2nd slide and it inexplicably worked. only difference i can think of is the first slide i changed the poll.ev image aspect ratio in the 2nd slide i did not. Big problem for me is when it DID finally work it automatically put the poll in full screen mode, obscuring the other content on the slide. The entire reason I wanted to embed the poll in google slides (instead of using pollev presenter mode) is I want more control over how I format the question, with images, carriage returns, etc.

  • ashok

    Hi Whistler Mediacenter, Could you email us at support@polleverywhere.com and we’ll help you out? Please include the Google Slide presentation in your email so we can look at what you are trying to do.

  • Stephen Morgan

    does it have to be a clickable image? I cant get it working with any type of response. Using Chrome on Mac. I can see the place holder but it doesn’t refresh with answers posted

    • ashok

      You should be able to gather responses from any type of poll when presenting from Google Slides with Poll Everywhere Chrome extension enabled. You’ll need to be in ‘presentation mode’ in Google Slides to see the live chart being populated with the audience answers. Please email us at support@polleverywhere.com if you are not able to get it to work.

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  • David Talone

    If I have a presentation with multiple polls, do I need to exit the presentation to activate each poll? I can only have one poll active at a time, but can’t figure out how to activate the 2nd (or 3rd, or 4th) poll without exiting the presentation.

    • ashok

      When you are in the Google Slides presentation mode, Poll Everywhere will automatically activate the poll slide you are presenting. The poll will stay activated till you present the next poll. When the next poll slide is presented, Poll Everywhere will deactivate the previous poll and activate the current poll. So do not need to exit the presentation when presenting the polls.

  • Jessica

    I am struggling to add the poll everywhere to my google slides… in powerpoint it was very easy – is there a similar simple way to complete this in google slides?