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A good summary of "Macduff, this noble passion, child of integrity, hath from my soul wiped the black scruples, reconciled my thoughts to thy good truth and honor"(IViii 133-136) would look like:

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  • Macduff's noble passion has from Malcolm's soul wiped the black doubts and reconciled his ideas to Maduff's honor.
  • Macduff's intense, honest response has removed Malcolm's reservations about Macduff's character.
  • Macduff's emotional passion, which was born of his honesty and truthfulness, has removed any of the evil thoughts that Malcolm was harboring concerning Macduff's loyalty to Macbeth; Malcolm now knows that he can trust Macduff implicitly.
  • Malcolm feels that he cannot trust Macduff because of his black scruples.
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