Sample training evaluation form

Sample training evaluation form

Employee training is important because there are constant changes in the way business is done. Because of this, employees need to be constantly learning new skills or refreshing old ones. Employees should be encouraged to participate in continuing education whether it is updating computer skills or pursuing a higher education degree. Many organizations offer tuition… continue reading »

Training evaluation strategy diagram

Training evaluation strategy: 5 reasons why you should have one

Poll Everywhere welcomes Richard Eason from as the guest author of this post. Having a training evaluation strategy is really important. It should provide the big picture of how you intend to approach the evaluation of training across your business. The following are five reasons why I think you should have one. 1. Your… continue reading »

Is an anonymous poll really anonymous?

Ask an engineer: How anonymous is an anonymous poll?

An interview with Poll Everywhere’s most security-focused engineer, who, coincidentally, prefers to remain anonymous… Question: So the presenter puts up a poll. The instructions read, “Answers to this poll are anonymous.” Problem is I’m registered as a participant on his account. Does it really keep my response anonymous even if I’m registered? Anonymous Engineer: That’s the… continue reading »