New homepage, searchable support center

Redesigned home page and searchable support hub

You may have already noticed the new home page, but you’ll also find a redesigned support hub with a new search system that helps you quickly find the information you need. New Poll Everywhere home page The home page now offers new paths to business, education, and event-specific polling ideas, as well as a more unified visual experience. The… continue reading »

How to get more done with Poll Everywhere’s new activity creator

Poll Everywhere recently unveiled its redesigned activity creator. The new creator is available now for all presenters. When you load it up for the first time, there may be some activities you don’t recognize. Don’t worry. I have a full breakdown of how everything works below. There are also some useful tips and links to help you get the most… continue reading »

Create emoji quizzes online with Poll Everywhere

The future is now, polling pioneers 🎉 Poll Everywhere has officially gone post-language with full-blown emoji support for all poll types. Emojis can be questions. Emojis can be answers. Emojis are love. Emojis are life. Never again will you spend hours buried in your thesaurus struggling to find a word that encapsulates “unrestrained jubilation.” Simply use the… continue reading »

New placeholder images simplify polling in PowerPoint

This update is currently available on Windows and Mac. The holidays are here and Poll Everywhere has a special gift for all the PowerPoint presenters out there: updated placeholder screenshots. When you insert a poll into PowerPoint, you’ll see a spiffy new preview of your poll right in the deck, instead of a generic placeholder image…. continue reading »