Fireworks: New for 2016, updates on your account

New for 2016, updates on your Poll Everywhere account

We spent the last quarter of 2015 on a laundry list of your top suggestions for new features and little improvements. It all adds up to easier editing, sharing, and presenting for you. ‘Copy a group’ has moved out of Labs Everyone can now copy an entire group of polls. Hover over the poll group’s… continue reading »

Poll Everywhere for Google Slides has graduated out of Beta

Live polling in Google Slides: Version 1.0.1

Guess what graduated out of Beta today? Oh, just Poll Everywhere for Google Slides. Now you can add the full-featured extension to your Chrome browser, and get all the power of PollEv Presenter in your Google Slides menu. That means you can… Log into Poll Everywhere from the Google Slides menu bar Create new polls in… continue reading »

Poll Everywhere in PowerPoint for iPad banner

Live audience engagement comes standard in PowerPoint for iPad

Did you know Microsoft pre-installs Poll Everywhere in PowerPoint for iPad? If you’re up-to-date with the latest version of PowerPoint for iPad, you’re all set. Poll Everywhere is ready and waiting for you in the Add-ins menu. All you need is an iPad to create and embed live, interactive questions directly into PowerPoint. Create colorful… continue reading »