Introducing a new poll type…Clickable Image Polls!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a clickable image poll is worth 100,000!*

* We made that up, but clickable image polling is awesome.


Clickable image polls allow you to ask your audience to respond by clicking or tapping the are of an image you upload. This is useful for converting older questions for use in Poll Everywhere or posing new questions where a picture (map, chart, graph, etc.) is needed to provide context.

What can I use this for?

You can start using clickable image polls today! Try creating some of your own. Here are some examples we heard about from our beloved users. (That’s you.)

Location Image QuestionScreen Shot 2013-10-21 at 1.00.44 PMMedical Education QuestionImage Based PollingArchitectural Based Image Question


  • PollEvFan

    I love this new feature. However, I just created a poll with a clickable image and it won’t publish to ppt. I insert the slide, but i get the “We couldn’t find that poll.” message. And when I went into the poll edit mode and click the publish sidebar link, it doesn’t give ppt as an option. Is this functionality not available?

    • Vinnie

      Hi! Thanks for reaching out, and thanks for the love.

      Try clicking the Poll Everywhere tab in the PowerPoint ribbon, then clicking Update. We released a new version that supports clickable images.

      Please let us know if you have any trouble!

  • Deenie Clinton

    I tried the clickable image with my students, but they were able to see the image using the iPad app (which is a great new feature!). Are they only able to click on the image via a web browser?

    • Vinnie

      Hi Dennie,

      Thanks for reaching out!

      Just to clarify: are you wondering if students can vote on clickable image questions with texting or Twitter? If so, the answer is no, unfortunately. It’s really difficult to set up a system that allows for texting in this way, but it’s something we’re still thinking about.

      • Deenie

        Hi Vinnie,
        The students were using the new iPad app. So I am wondering if they needed to go to the web site for clickable images. The rest of the polls went well with iPad app, as they simply typed in the number corresponding to their poll choice.

        • Vinnie


          Ah! Within the iPad app, they can enter your username to see each of your poll questions. It’s a lot nicer.

          Your username is what comes after the… that you see on your live poll question chart.

          • Deenie

            Hi Vinnie,
            So the students entered my username, but the only thing that showed up on their iPads was picture of the pie, telling them to wait until the presenter pushed the question, which I did, but still no image to click on.

          • Vinnie

            Sorry about that! Clickable image poll questions don’t work with the iOS/Android app, yet. We’re working on it, though!