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What is Poll Everywhere?

How do people respond or otherwise send in comments or questions?

How do I respond to a poll

How does it work?

How do I teach my audience to participate? What are the best practices from other customers?

What is a poll? Is it the same as a “question” I ask my audience? What is the difference between the different types of polls?

What does it mean to “Activate” a poll? Can I activate more than one poll at a time?

Can I combine multiple questions (polls) into a survey?

How can I prevent profane, abusive, or off-topic responses from being publicly displayed?

What are those numbers or words by each option on a poll? What is a KEYWORD or CODE?

How long will my polls remain unlocked? When do they auto-lock (auto-close)? When are my reserved keywords released?

Can people respond via the web?

Can an audience respond using Twitter?

What if my audience does not have a phone or a web-enabled device with internet access?

How fast do responses show up?

How many responses per poll (which plan) do I need?

How will my audience know how to respond?

How can I share my poll with remote participants?

How can I share the results of the poll in real time or afterwards?

How do I change the look and feel of my poll? Can I set a default template?

What happens if I go over my responses-per-poll (audience size)?

How can I identify participants by name, phone number, or other ID?

How can I restrict who is allowed to respond to a poll?

Can I put people into teams or groups to create competitions?

Can I grade or score responses?

How do I display partial identities next to free text responses, to scare my audience into acting civilized without using the moderation feature?

Can I register participants who don’t have email addresses (like young students)?

SMS Text Messaging

What countries does Poll Everywhere cover for text message response?

Will participants who text message to Poll Everywhere ever receive SMS spam or unwanted text messages later?

Why do US or Canadian participants have to send their text message responses to that weird phone number (“22333” or “37607”)?

How can participants elect to never receive text message replies (confirmations) from Poll Everywhere?

How can participants receive help from their mobile phones?

As a paying customer, can I remove the “Powered by” footer on reply messages?

Why do I get a message about “cannot deliver message to this shortcode” or “message blocking is active” or “shortcode error 1051”?

How do I respond to Poll Everywhere using Google Voice, Skype, or Pinger/TextFree?

I'm receiving unexpected responses on my polls. What's going on?

My response went to the wrong poll. What’s going on?

Why do I get a message saying “keyword not found”?

Can I respond multiple times with a single text message?

Google Slides

Can I open a saved PowerPoint or Keynote file with polls already in it and present from Google Slides?

When I insert polls into my Google Slides presentation, I just get a grey slide that says “Your poll will show here.”


What about one time events?

How much does it cost?

If I purchase a monthly plan when does the month start and how long does it last?

Do you accept purchase orders?

If someone responds to a poll, are they charged in any way by Poll Everywhere or the cell phone carrier?

I am going to be asking a lot of questions to people over time. Will it be costly for them to participate?

If I want to demo or show off Poll Everywhere, can I get an account or one-time poll for free?

Would Poll Everywhere be interested in sponsoring my charity event in exchange for great exposure?

Can I use Poll Everywhere to charge participants a fee per response?

Account Management

How can I get a copy of my receipt or invoice?

How can I cancel paid service or downgrade to the Free plan? Will I lose any data?

I forgot to downgrade, but I didn't use the service. Can I get a refund?

How do I add subusers to my account, such as other presenters or employees in my organization?

I am currently on a paid plan. Will I be charged the full amount if I change plans?


Can I embed a live poll in my PowerPoint presentation?

Can I get the results of my poll in a spreadsheet?

Will Poll Everywhere work without an Internet connection?

How can I build live-response applications with the Poll Everywhere API?

How secure are the votes? Can people cheat?

Can I import many polls at once?

Can I use my own short code?

Is there support for PowerPoint on Mac OS X?

Is there support for OpenOffice presentations on any operating system?

I need more technical support than I can find here. Where do I go?

I am trying to do something custom that Poll Everywhere does not already provide. How can you help me?


PowerPoint: The poll does not load after following the instructions

PowerPoint: My slides are not advancing past the slide with an embedded poll

My poll is not loading and is stuck on the loading screen

My question is not responding to text messages

My PollEv page is not updating or displaying my poll

My participants can only respond once per poll. How can I allow them to respond more than once?

I have another issue that the FAQ does not cover.

Whew, things must be pretty crazy with such a large class!

Lets cover a few things before you make that request:

  • We can't increase your response limit for school-wide polls. Check out our non-profit monthly plans for that.
  • Combined-classroom polling (e.g. polling multiple classes at the same time) does not qualify for a response limit increase. Check out our K-12 plans for that.
  • Classroom size is defined by the number of physical seats in a singal physical classroom.

Everything looks good above, show me the email