Large audience sizes

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Each poll activity (each question) will only accept the number of responses determined by your chosen plan. If you choose a plan that allows 25 responses, for example, 25 people can respond once, twelve people can respond twice, or one person can respond 25 times.

If you reach the maximum number of responses to one of your questions, Poll Everywhere will not charge any overage fees. However, your poll will stop accepting responses. Audience members who attempt to respond after that will receive an error message saying the poll is full. Their responses will not appear on your poll and cannot be retrieved.

Each of our paid plans includes a set number of responses. If you expect a larger audience size than those you see listed, simply contact us. Poll Everywhere has engaged stadiums full of participants. We can help make even your largest events interactive.

Wow your audience

Responses per poll


Choosing a plan by audience size

Learn how responses count towards your poll questions, and how to choose the right plan for your audience size.

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ULA chose to let the entire country name their newest rocket, using a massive Poll Everywhere poll.

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