Conference results

Easy-to-read charts show you exactly what got people talking, and when they may have started to tune out.

Training post-op

Give credit to participants who really paid attention, and identify areas that need further review and instruction.

Classroom grading

Class participation, quizzes, formative assessment, all in one neat, color-coded gradebook.

Powerpoint and Keynote presenters

Export your reports as a CSV file

Download your data as a CSV, then open it with any of your favorite spreadsheet apps. For DIY reports, download your response data as a CSV, and open it with your favorite spreadsheet app. After that you can run all the cross-tab analytics you like, or create charts and graphs to beef up your next presentation.

Discover hidden insights

Flexible, sharable reporting helps you tell a better story

Promote deep learning

Executive Summary

Get a high-level overview of response history. The high-impact visuals make a great ROI infographic.

Promote deep learning

Response Pivot Table

Glean meaningful insights from a big data set. Excel-friendly and ready to download.

Promote deep learning


For classes, training sessions, or as a quick way to take attendance. Generate. Download. Done.

Georgia capitol building

Live feedback guides Georgia Chamber

case study

When feedback-by-email produced abysmal returns, the Georgia Chamber turned to a series of townhalls with live polling, then used reporting to make sense of the data.

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