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Reporting helps you interpret and share the response data you’ve collected. Poll Everywhere provides a variety of report types, from summary views that show aggregate responses to detailed drill-downs that show each participant’s response to each of your polls. There’s also a time stamp report for attendance tracking, and a pivot report that allows you to quickly generate an Excel pivot table.

You can download these reports as a PDF or a CSV file to facilitate further analysis and archiving.




Glean new insights from audience data

Track attendance and grades with a Gradebook report. Graph team competition scores using segmentation, or review each participant’s personal response history. From high-level overviews to granular response pivot tables, instant, Excel-friendly insights are always ready to download.

Georgia chamber

Live feedback guides Georgia Chamber

case study

When feedback-by-email produced abysmal returns, the Georgia Chamber turned to a series of townhalls with live polling, then used reporting to make sense of the data.

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