A single Poll Everywhere account can become a collaborative team account, by adding other presenters to the account as sub-users. Team accounts with multiple sub-users allow each presenter or instructor to use Poll Everywhere at the same time, in different rooms, with their own logins, their own passwords, and their own polls. Presenters in the same team can browse and duplicate polls their colleagues create, allowing for collaboration across the organization.

The account owner has special controls. She can designate a template poll for the entire account, and group presenters to allow poll-sharing. She can monitor usage, report on presenters’ results, and manage one centralized subscription for the entire team.

Some premium plans include a set number of sub-users by default. However, any plan can add sub-user accounts. Simply reach out to Sales to add the number of presenters you would like.

Multiple account users

Multiple account users


Many presenters, one account

Learn how adding presenters as sub-users on a central account can help you work together and organize your data.