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Ready to take center stage

Capture audience attention with vibrant questions using Poll Everywhere's visual settings. Basic visual settings are unlocked on Bronze plans and up. Advanced settings are on Team and up.

Create a stylish presentation that seamlessly blends information with interactive questions that fit elegantly into your deck. A splash of bright red or deep blue can reinforce the tone of your talk, and guide wandering minds back to your screen. Simplified usernames cut down on response times from the audience – giving you more insight faster.

Basic visual settings

These settings are available to presenters on Bronze plans and above

custom username

Custom username

Get responses faster with a simplified username. Change it as often as you like. Your questions will update automatically.

pick a color scheme

Pick a color scheme

Generate a color palette that matches the style of your presentation. Choose a base color and Poll Everywhere does the rest.

new background images

New background images

Upload your own background image to illustrate the question, or create a question about the image itself.

Advanced visual settings

These settings are available to presenters on Team plans and above

add a logo

Add a logo

Display your company or institution's logo by embedding it into the question header.

fine-tune colors

Fine-tune colors

Ensure consistent branding across your entire question by editing all font and chart colors.

edit response screen

Edit response screen

Change how your question looks on audience phones and devices. Maintain consistency.

change the font

Change the font

Choose from Poll Everywhere's eight fonts, including Georgia, Helvetica, and Proxima Nova.

Branded experience

How key speakers at HPE Discover use live polling

case study

Learn how three speakers at HPE Discover, the enterprise IT company's premier event, captured audience attention and gathered valuable insights using Poll Everywhere. Each question was fully customized to match the HPE brand.

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