So long Google Moderator, hello Poll Everywhere

Import Google Moderator topics into Poll Everywhere and you’ll be in good hands

Import google moderator

Import Google Moderator topics into Poll Everywhere


Import Google Moderator topics into Poll Everywhere

Yes, it’s true. Google Moderator is going the way of the Palm Pilot. But hey, good news - you can get all the crowdsourced feedback your heart desires with the Q&A poll by Poll Everywhere. Migrating is as easy as 1, 2. (No 3!)

Remote presenter for Windows

Introducing the Q&A poll, the best way to crowdsource ideas

Moderator was a smart way to rake in comments and questions, but there were a few things lacking: simplicity, control and mobility.


Q&A lets the audience focus on the task of responding and prioritizing – no replies to distract from the main idea. Everyone can simply submit their questions or comments, then upvote or downvote other responses.


The presenter sets the flow. You can instantly dismiss wayward remarks, highlight a single idea for discussion, or pin one to the top.


Moderator wasn’t the most mobile-friendly application. Poll Everywhere has lived in mobile land since day one. Q&A looks just as good on a smartphone as a desktop.

Live experiences are our bread and butter

We're trusted by the biggest brands to the smallest K-12 classrooms

Let’s face it. Google is an advertising and search company; they're not about live audience engagement. Their incentives to keep Moderator around weren’t all that clear.

Poll Everywhere is different. Interactive presentations have always been our thing. Over one million presenters, 60% of the Fortune 1000, and hundreds of thousands of educators trust us every day.

Our M.O. is simple: Since 2008 we’ve been selling a service to customers, and when they like it, they come back for more. That’s it. There are no tricks. No advertisers. No fancy business model. It’s just you and us. We like it that way.

Poll Everywhere is a little different than Google Moderator

We're optimized for live events with a focus on speed, reliability, and simplicity

Poll Everywhere is all about getting the feedback you need quickly and easily. That’s why we ditched distractions like replies to responses, and made it easier to focus on the most important ideas right away.

Features Poll Everywhere Google Moderator
Submit questions/comments
Audience powered upvoting and downvoting of responses
Reply to other people's submissions with responses/comments
Moderate submissions
Attach YouTube videos to questions/comments
Control who can participate
Share on twitter, facebook, and the web
PowerPoint/Keynote integration
Customize colors, fonts, logos, and images
Highlight questions/comments, and pin multiple to the top
Phone & email customer support from a real human with paid plans

Import your Google Moderator data into Poll Everywhere