Create a competition

Gamification and competitions are useful not only in the educational sphere, but in the business world as well. There’s nothing quite like a friendly competition to get people involved and engaged. The following steps will show you how to set up competition questions for your next presentation.

Step 1: Click the Create button near the top left side of your My Polls page.

Click create

Step 2: Select Competitions then enter your question and possible answers.

Helpful tip: You will only be able to use multiple choice questions in competitions.

Select competition and enter in your content

Step 3: Designate the correct answer by clicking the circular check mark symbol to the left of the answer.

Select correct answers

Step 4: Add additional questions to your competition by selecting Multiple choice in the next question type field.

Add a question

Helpful tip: You can add your competition to a preexisting group of activities using the dropdown menu to the left of the Create button.

Add a competition to a group

Step 5: Once you are done adding questions, click the Create button at the bottom right. You will be immediately taken to the competition page.