Edit screen

The Edit screen allows you to modify and prepare your Competition for presentation.

Helpful tip: While you are taken to this page when you finish creating your competition, you can also access it by clicking the title of your competition on the My Polls page.

Competition edit screen

Edit your Competition

To edit your competition, highlight the slide you want to edit and click the Edit button at the top left of the page. The edit view will look similar to the create view. When you’re finished editing, click the Save button near the bottom right.

Edit a question

Add a question

Click the Add question button at the top right to add a new question slide to your competition. The new slide will be added to the end of your competition.

Helpful tip: You can rearrange the questions in your competition by dragging and dropping them in the slide overview on the left side of the page.

Add a question

Competition settings

To the right of the competition title slide you will see the Competition settings menu.

Competition settings

Restrict participants will require participants to sign in and formally register with your presenter account before responding

Helpful tip: We recommend you use the Screen name feature with competitions to identify participants.

Allow changing answers will let participant clear their response to a question and submit a new one.

Timed responses places a limit on how much time participants have to answer each question. The time limit starts at five seconds and increases dynamically based on the length of the question to ensure participants have enough time to read it fully. Participants scores decrease the longer they take to answer the question.

If you don’t want to put a time limit on responses, tap the toggle to turn it off.

Helpful tip: When using the timer feature, each question starts with a value of 1000 points and decreases as time passes. The longer participants take to answer a question, the fewer points they'll earn.

Clear and Delete

The Clear responses button at the top right of the page will clear the results of your competition and enable you to run the competition another time.

The Delete button at the top right will delete a slide from your competition. Keep in mind that this is a hard delete. There is no recycle bin where deleted data can be recovered, so be certain before you delete any of your slides.

Feedback widget

How can we make this better? If you have any feedback for the Poll Everywhere Competitions team, feel free to click the feedback widget at the bottom left of this screen and let us know your thought!

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