Presenting competitions

Once you have a competition created and set up the way you want you’re ready to present it. The following steps will explain the competition flow.

Starting the competition

From the competition slideshow view, highlight the title slide of your competition and click the Play button at the top of the page.

Helpful tip: Competitions can only be presented via the web currently. We plan to integrate competitions into our Poll Everywhere Presenter apps in the future.

Competition settings

The title slide of your competition will explain the rules. Each question is worth 1000 points maximum. If the timer is enabled, slower responses receiving less points.

Question with responses, results hidden

When you are ready to begin, use the right arrow on your keyboard to advance from the competitions title slide and navigate through the questions in your competition.

Questions in a competition have 4 different phases: Question, Answers, Responses, and Leaderboard.

Question slide

You will see a screen with the question and the participant link.

Question only slide

Answer slide

When you are ready, advance the slide to show the answer options to your participants and start receiving responses. The question will stop accepting responses when the timer expires or you advance the slide if the timer is disabled.

Question with responses, results hidden

Response slide

The response screen shows how the group responded to your question and indicates the correct answer.

Results view


The final slide shows you an animated leaderboard of participants' scores so you can see where each one stands.


Use the right arrow on your keyboard when you’re ready to move on to the next question in your competition.