Responding to a competition

Participants will respond to your competition on the web using your response page.

Note: We plan to integrate competition responses into the PollEv mobile app at a future date, but for now participants will need to respond via web browser on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. There is no plan to make text message responses available for competitions.

When you are ready, start your competition. As you navigate through the question, your participants screen will correspond to what you are presenting.

When you navigate to the Question slide, participants will see a screen with the question and the participant link on their computers or devices.

Question phase on the web

When you are ready, advance the slide to show the answer options to your participants. They’ll see the options on their screens. The question will stop accepting responses when the timer expires or you advance the slide if the timer is disabled.

Helpful tip: If you are using the Timed responses settings, participants will have a limited amount of time to respond. After time is up, the question will lock and not allow further responses.

Competition Answer phase

When you navigate to the response slide to show the results chart, participant will see how many points they received.

Competitions points screen

After you’ve showed the response chart, you can navigate to the leaderboard slide. The leaderboard slide will appear on your screen after every question. However, only the final leaderboard will show on participant's screens at the end of the competition.

And that’s it. Let the competitions begin!