Frequently asked questions

Does this cost the students money?

Your license includes the cost of students signing up as a participant, and they should not have to pay anything unless you sign up for the Student Pays Plan. As far as texting, we don’t charge anything to the participants. If they send a text message to us, it’ll be the same price as if they had texted a regular phone number.

Some students are unable to respond via text, why are they getting this error?

Their particular cell carrier may block the use of short codes. US participants can try texting to the number (747) 444-3548 instead of 37607. This is our backup North American number and should work in the US and Canada.

A student has been responding and can see their own response history, but I (the instructor) cannot.**

Please make sure the student’s account was created with the same email address as you have associated with that student under your ‘Participants’ tab. Often times students create participant accounts or even standard presenter accounts under a duplicate or personal email.

  • make sure the student is logged in while responding
  • make sure the student has the correct email address associated with their registration to your account. This can be edited under Settings > Registration > Details
  • If the student is responding via text, make sure their cell phone number is registered and certified to their Poll Everywhere account.

For more detail and step-by-step screenshots, please reference the documents linked under Student Registration Documents.