Getting started

You may have had previous experience with clickers or other audience response systems (ARS). The great thing about Poll Everywhere is that you can engage your classroom or meeting without any clunky and easy-to-forget hardware– and with a device most people have at all times– a mobile phone. You’ll be asking your students to use their phones, tablets, or laptops to respond to polls that you present. The results appear live on the display. You can use this tool to quiz your class, discuss the results, and use that insight to guide the classroom discussion or curriculum as you move forward through your presentation.

It’s fun to work with the eager, outgoing students. Holding the attention of bored or disinterested students is a bigger challenge. So is the ongoing, tug-of-war effort to get quiet students to contribute in class. Conversation has the power to engage anyone, even a restless group of students, but it’s not always easy to have a productive conversation in the classroom setting.

Real-time polling allows you to transform one-way lectures into two-way conversations, instantly. In the time it would take one student to raise a hand and respond, live polling allows you to hear from every student in class, and then tailor instruction to their needs. Project responses up on a screen in front of class, and this low-pressure way of getting everyone to contribute also makes students feel empowered.

Student guide

The student guide is a great resource to distribute to students. It instructs them on everything they need to know to successfully use Poll Everywhere in a classroom setting.

Presenter guide

The best way to learn how to use Poll Everywhere is to simply create some polls and test them out. We encourage new users to explore the site to learn firsthand how to customize a poll, format different poll types, run reports and more! We do our best to create helpful content to equip our users, so here’s what we’ve got for you to explore:

User Guide for step-by step instructions:

Video library

Video Guide for speedy and fun review:


Webinar A weekly interactive lesson on the basics of how to create a poll, customize polls, insert the slides into Powerpoint, and run reports. Every Thursday at 1pm PST/4pm EST: