Gradebook and other reports


The Gradebook is a compact table with participants listed down the left and questions across the columns. It shows scores, participation, and attendance. Sort by rank to use as a leaderboard, which when there’s a tie takes speed of response into account. This report requires your polls to have Grading enabled, with the correct answers indicated. The Gradebook report only work for poll types in which you can designate a correct response: multiple choice and clickable image polls.

gradebook legend


Participant response history and map

If you’re tracking for results rather than correctness, but are still interested in seeing how individual students responded, you can try using the participant report. The Participant response history displays when and how each individual response was submitted. It is useful for correlating participant responses. Each column represents a poll, and each row represents a unique participant (determined by participants’ browser cookies or mobile numbers).

gradebook map