Sharing with instructors and TA's

Presenters on your Poll Everywhere account can create their own activities and run their own reports, and have access to the same features as the account owner. They can also activate their activities at the same time as other presenters on the account, because each has their own username.

Presenters do not receive access to the activities, responses, or reports of other presenters, unless they are on the same Team.

Shared activities may be presented and all results will be tied to the specific user presenting them. Any number of presenters may present the same activity at the same time without interference.

Sharing activities

Once an account administrator has set up Teams any presenter on the account may share activities with their user group. All users must be part of a team to share activities with that team. Only the owner or creator of an activity may share it with others.

Step 1: Put the activities into Groups and click Share.

Share link on activity group

Step 2: Select the Team(s) to share the activities with. All presenters within those Teams have the ability to present, but are unable to edit the activities.

Use checkboxes to share the activities with other teams

Step 3: The share icon will appear next to any and all groups that are shared. Click on this icon to stop sharing or to confirm who it is shared with.

Use share link again to update

Any activities added to the activity group will immediately be shared. Any new users added to the team will also immediately get access.

Helpful tip: If the creator of the group of shared activities is removed from the Team, all users within that team will lose access to those shared activities.

Presenting a shared activity

Step 1: To see activities that have been shared with you, click on Shared with me to see a full list. This will show each group of activities that have been shared as well as the name of who shared them and which Team has access.

Multiple shared acitivity groups

Step 2: Click on the title of an activity to open it. Many of the fields on a shared activity will be disabled. Only the owner of an activity or an account administrator will be able edit a shared activity.

'How are you feeling today?' clickable image activity page

Step 3: click Fullscreen to activate and present the activity as normal. Use the right and left arrow keys to navigate between all shared activities within the group.

'How are you feeling today?' clickable image activity in full screen

The shared activity will display on the page and participants will reply just like a regular activity. The presenter may perform the following actions to a shared activity:

Lock or Unlock the activity Change the countdown timer Show or Hide the results Clear the results

Moving and copying activities

If you are on a plan with multiple presenters you can move or copy activities from one presenter to another.

Helpful tip: Moving activities will move both the question(s) and responses whereas copying will only copy the activity but not the responses. Moving an activity to another user will also clear and archive the current responses. You can revisit the archived data on the activity’s result history page, or by selecting an archived run in a report.

Step 1: On the Activities page, place a checkmark next to the activities you want to move or copy. Then click the ellipsis button ‘…’ to find the Move or Copy command.

Select activites using the checkboxes on the My activities page the click Move on the grey action buttons

Step 2: In the Move or Copy window, select “To another presenter:”, enter the name of the presenter you’d like to move the activities to, then click Apply.

Input the name or email address of the user you wish to recieve the polls

Step 3: Make sure you really want to move or copy these activities to another presenter. Then click the Apply button.

Move confirmation pop-up

The activities are now available to whichever user you moved them to.