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How do I register?

Are you trying to register for a course?

  • If you have a link from an instructor, follow the link!

Find instructor by email

Redeem bookstore or textbook code

How do I check my grade?

You can always check your response history to all polls, including graded poll by logging in to your account, and then click Settings at the top. From there click response history along the right, and you’ll be able to see all of the polls you’ve responded to including the question and response options- great for study review!

I already have an account / my email address is already taken. Do I need to delete this account to register as a participant on an instructor’s account?

No. Simply log in to your account first (you can reset your password if you forgot it) and then click the participant registration link your instructor has distributed.

How do I register as a participant on an instructor's account?

Your instructor will usually share a registration link. They might send it by email, include it in the syllabus, or post it on a class web page. It usually looks something like "".

You can also register by signing in to your account and accessing your registrations page. There you can search for your instructor by their email address.

If you don't have a registration link and you can't seem to find an instructor by their email address, you'll need to contact your instructor for help.

How do I enter my student ID, username, or an alternate identifier?

Your instructor can always see your email address, but sometimes they'll also want you to provide a username, login, or other student ID.

If you need to add this, sign in and go to your registrations page. Click the "Details" link under the appropriate university, department, or instructor, and enter an alternate identifier.

What information can my instructor see about me?

Unless your instructor is running an anonymous poll, your name and email will always be available to them next to your answers. If you provide an alternate identifier, they can also see that. Your full phone number is never shared with them, but in some reports they can see the last 4 digits of your phone number. This serves two important purposes:

  • If you're looking at a computer with your instructor, you can easily verify that your certified phone number is right. This helps you troubleshoot any problems with getting credit for your answers.

  • It encourages you to not act like a jerk and submit stupid messages to open response questions. Yes, most live screens in front of your peers are completely anonymous. Yes, you should take risks without feeling self-conscious. No, you shouldn't delight in buffoonery / be a nincompoop / act a fool.

I have several instructors with Poll Everywhere accounts where I have to pay, as the student. Do I need to pay separately for each of them?

No. You will only have to pay the annual cost once to be able to register on any number of accounts.

When texting, why do I get a message about 'cannot deliver message to this shortcode' or 'message blocking is active'?

This usually means you have texting to shortcodes disabled for your your specific cell phone subscription plan with your mobile carrier. Usually, calling your carrier's customer service (611) and making sure texting to shortcodes is enabled takes care of the problem.

The other potential cause is that you're on a small regional mobile carrier we don't currently support (for example, Appalachian Wireless).

If you cannot enable shortcode support, you may text in your responses to our backup 10-digit number: (747) 444-3548. Please note that this number is to be used sparingly and only by those who cannot otherwise text to the US-based shortcodes we offer. You will not receive confirmation reply messages from this number.

Keep in mind that to certify your phone number, you'll need to text to this backup number instead of the shortcode.

Do I need to certify my phone number? If so, how do I certify my phone number?

If your instructor requires you to register to participate (usually to see participation or attendance) and you are responding via text message instead of the web, you will need to certify your number so your instructor can identify your responses.

To certify your number log in and go to your Personal Info page under your account settings. Make sure to type in your mobile phone number and click the certify link. Follow the instructions to send your certification text message.

My instructor hasn’t received my responses, even though I have registered on their account

If you are responding with a web device, make sure you are signed in before responding to your instructor’s polls.

If you are responding via text message, make sure you have certified your mobile number. Once you have certified your number your previous ‘unregistered’ responses will be tied to your account.

My response went to the wrong poll. What’s going on?

The presenter may have moved on to another poll just before you sent your response. If the presenter activates a different poll in the same presenter session before your response to the first poll is sent, and the current poll allows the type of response you chose, your response will end up in the poll that is currently active.

For example, if the first poll contains multiple choice responses like A, B, and C, you might respond by texting “A”. However, if the presenter moves on to the next poll before your response is received, and that poll also allows “A”, then your response will go to the active poll.

One other possible cause could be that you have not joined the correct presenter session. To stop responding to a presenter’s polls, text LEAVE. Then join the correct presenter session by texting that presenter’s username to the SMS number.