Student registration

You can register students to your account by importing a list of participants (e.g., from an Excel spreadsheet) or by distributing a link to all participants and have them input their own information. To import students from your LMS, please see the LTI Advantage documentation. If you are registering students via LTI Advantage, distributing a registration link to students will be disabled automatically.

If using registration methods other than LTI Advantage, we recommend organizing participants into specific groups by course, such as Econ 101, using bulk import, the invitation link, or you can assign students to groups manually after you have registered them. These groups are only visible within each account, are helpful for organizing courses, and are essential to running an attendance activity. Canvas, Blackboard, and Moodle roster import groups by course automatically. Course/student grouping is done automatically via LTI Advantage, with group/course association aligning with course names as they are listed in the LMS.

Import a list of participants

You can import a list of participants and automatically register them to participate in your activities. This essentially creates participant accounts for your students if you have all the required information. Students receive an email when imported, prompting them to assign a password to their newly created student account. Your participants can then simply log in with their school email address and password they’ve created/assigned. If a participant wants to respond via text, and you have not included a mobile phone number on their registration, they must log in and enter the phone number that they will be using to respond. They must also certify their phone number in order for text responses to be associated with their participant account for grade and participation attribution

Step 1: Go to the Participants tab accessible from your Activities page. This page will show any participants who have already registered to your institution’s license, not just the students in your courses.

Access the Participants page from the nav bar

Step 2: Click the Add Participants button toward the left of the screen and select the Import option.

Add participants button

Step 3: Download the CSV template provided or create your own with the same column order indicated. Email, first name, and last name are required information, and in that order. You can also include a password, a US phone number, and a responding identifier. (e.g., a screen name, student ID.) Leave blank columns for fields you choose to omit.

Step 4: Save the spreadsheet as a CSV file.

Step 5: Return to Poll Everywhere and import the CSV file. At this point, you can also define a default password and create a participant group.

Step 6: Be sure to select “Email log in instructions to participants.“ Students will not be registered on the account until they are imported and assign a password to their account.

Email instuctions to participants checkbox

Step 7: Assign participants to a participant group. Participant groups are essentially courses, so create your courses and check the boxes for the appropriate course for your roster import.

Step 8: Click the Continue button.

Continue to perform the import

We will validate the file and show you progress. Validation includes checking the list of participants for duplicates.

Once we’ve validated all the students in your CSV file, we’ll show you any errors we can fix, errors we can’t fix without your help, and all the lines which are crystal clean. At this point you can correct any errors in your CSV file and start this process again from the beginning or click Continue to import the validated records.

Once the import is complete, you’ll be able to see the students that were imported successfully and those that were not.

Note: Registration links are disabled on accounts with LMS integration.

You can distribute a personal invitation link to participants (e.g., via email.) When they follow this link, participants will certify their email address and phone number (if they will be participating via SMS texting) and create a password. They may also provide their name. If they already have an account with us, they’ll simply be placed into the correct participant group.

Step 1: Go to the Participants tab, accessible from your Activities page. This page will show any participants who have already registered to your institution’s license, not just the students in your courses.

Access the Participants page from the nav bar

Step 2: In the Groups section along the right, click New Group to create a group for each course. After clicking Done, click Invite next to the course you’re registering, and copy the link that appears in the box.

Invite link to the right of participant groups

Step 3: Distribute the link to participants (e.g., by pasting it into an email.) Here is an example message you can include along with the link you send:

I will be using Poll Everywhere to collect your feedback. Please follow the link I provided in order to register to my account.

By registering with my account, I will be able to view your email and see your responses to my activities (unless the activity is clearly marked as anonymous).

You will be asked to provide your email address, certify your mobile phone number (if you would like to participate in my activities via SMS texting), and create a password. You may also choose to share your name with me after you register. (Your information is protected, and Poll Everywhere will never share emails or phone numbers with any third party.) If you have any questions, please visit the Poll Everywhere User Guide (

Thank you! I look forward to your participation in my activities.

Quick mobile registration

Once the student has created the initial account, or registered for their initial professor, it’s as easy as clicking one button which won’t interrupt the class flow for more than 3 seconds. Here’s how:

Create an activity and under Configure you’ll want to: restrict the activity to registered participants only or restrict responses to just web, not both web and text.

Students trying to respond to that activity will be prompted to click a single register button. If they are not logged in or do not yet have an account, they’ll be able to login or create an account quickly. Once logged in, they may have to join the session again by typing in your username at which point they’ll see the same registration button. After a few seconds, the students will see a confirmation checkmark, and then will be able to continue with the session as normal. This whole process can take a few seconds to a minute depending on if the students have an account and are already logged in.

Response page: login to register with a presenter

Registration successful

Student registration documentation

The student guide is sent out to students to show them how to sign up and/or register for your course. If your students are having trouble registering, please reference this guide.