How to Create Activities

What we refer to as an activity can be a survey, a competition, or even a single poll, which is a single question. A survey is compiled of individual polls, that participants can respond to all at once. Think of this more as an activity to quiz information, or gather feedback after a meeting. A competition explores gamification where participants compete against each other, by answering multiple choice polls. Participants collect points depending on their answers, which then leads to a final scoreboard and winner.

Create an activity.

Step 1: On the Activities tab, select the folder in which you want to create a new activity.

Helpful Tip: If you don’t select a folder first, Poll Everywhere will save the new activity in the Default folder.

Step 2: Select the New Activity button from the upper right corner.

Button on top right corner

Step 3: Select the activity type.

Note: You might have to scroll down to see all of the available types of activities. For more information on each activity type beginning with the Multiple Choice poll, check out our other articles here.

Example images of polls

Step 4: Select Edit in the window prompt on the top right to give the activity a title, and chose other configuration options. You can also just click Edit at the top of the poll slide to make changes at a later time.

Window prompt on top right

Edit button in top row

The screen shot below shows what the new activity looks like just after typing in its title.

Note: The title refers to the actual question that you will be asking your audience, or the title of the survey or competition that will include questions.

Edit screen with title

The options to the right of the poll title show the basic settings for the activity. You can change any of them to alter the behavior of the poll. Some of those poll settings are paid features and won’t display on the free version of Poll Everywhere.

Step 5: When you are done giving the new activity a title and setting its options, click Save from the upper right corner.

The activity is now ready to be presented.