Prepare to present your polls

  • Create polls on your Activities page. Group all the polls you will be presenting into a single group and order them from first to last, according to your presentation flow.
  • Always test the polls in your presentation before the event, using the computer that will be projecting your presentation, especially if that computer is not the one you’re currently using to prepare. If you’re presenting from within PowerPoint, make sure the PollEv Presenter is installed and you’re logged into the account.
  • Script out instructions for the audience before you go live. The person who will introduce polling to the audience (MC, keynote, or speaker) should be comfortable with Poll Everywhere and know how it works – Try an icebreaker poll to get the audience ready!

Bandwidth and wifi

The presentation computer should be hard-wired with Ethernet. If a hard-wire connection is not available you can use wifi, but, ideally you should use a different wifi network than the one you are offering to the audience. We recommend a dedicated connection with a minimum of 10 mb per second for the presentation computer.

For respondents on your response page, the data volume per device will be the number of KB it takes to load our mobile response page. Each web client’s initial load is about 780KB. After the initial load, the rest of the presentation loads in 1-2KB for each subsequent poll question.

It’s important to make sure you have enough access points for all of the devices you expect to use the wifi at your event (ask an IT staff member at the venue). Any backlog in the access points can cause some delays when people are connecting. Most conference wifi is correctly sized, but if installing manually, we recommend a ratio of 20:1 access points if using inexpensive gear, and 100:1 if using professional access points.

Introduce polling to the audience

Explain what’s going on:

You might say something like this: “Now I’m going to ask for your opinion. You’ll use your phone, tablet, or laptop to respond, just like on American Idol. Please pull out your device and participate, but remember to keep devices in silent mode.”

“You’ll participate by sending a text message or visiting the URL from any web browser. You don’t need to download anything.”

Then demo with an icebreaker poll:

“Let’s do a quick poll now to get the hang of it. Everyone take out your device and tell me – Have you ever been to this conference before?”

Responding by text message: “Start a new message, and put this five-digit code (or phone number) in the “to” line. Type in the username, followed by your answer, in the body of the message.”

Responding via the webpage: “Visit Wait for the poll to appear, and respond with a click.”

Presentation aids

presentation aids

We’ve created instructional graphics and slides for you. Show these to your audience to put them at ease and teach them how to participate.

Download as .PPT slide Download as PDF

You should customize these graphics to match your Poll Everywhere information (found in the poll chart instructions, beneath the question or title). What to customize:

1. Five-digit response number (or full phone number in some locations outside the US)

2. Name of your response page, a.k.a. your username

3. Response codes or keywords that you have customized for your poll

If you are using Presenter Session (i.e., the ability to respond with A, B, or C rather than a keyword) more information is available in the presenter session section of the user guide.

If your plan allows Reserved Keywords (i.e., the ability to respond with keywords you choose rather than random numbers) more information is available in the keywords section of the user guide.

You can choose between using Presenter Session (default) or Keywords. Learn more