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Mobile polling

The Mobile Presenter App for allows you to manage your polls on any mobile, web-enabled device. You can access the Mobile Presenter App by visiting from any browser. Or, download the app on your Android or Apple device

Watch video on mobile polling

Managing polls

Polls can be created and managed on a mobile device just like they can on a standard web browser.

Managing polls

Mobile moderation

You can approve open response messages from a mobile device before they appear live on-screen. This is especially useful for "solo" presenters who do not have a separate computer or display from which to moderate on stage.

Asking on-the-fly questions

On-the-fly polls are a quick way to create basic polls and collect impromptu feedback when time is of the essence. During your presentation, an on-the-fly poll can be created, activated, and presented to the audience in a few seconds from your mobile device.

Asking on-the-fly questions

These polls use simple formatting to save time. You can always go back later from the full site to customize an On-The-Fly poll.

Polling without a projector

A presenter can push a poll from their mobile device to everybody who is tuned in to their page. The presenter selects a poll they would like to get responses to, and activates it, which makes it visible on the audience’s mobile devices. The responders then follow the instructions on their own devices to participate.

Polling without a projector

Time-saving tips

Editing multiple polls from the My Polls page

You can bulk edit your polls in many ways from the My Polls page.

Step 1. From your My Polls page, select the polls you would like to modify and click on the the Edit button at the top.

Editing Multipe Polls: Step 1

Step 2. Select the action that you would like to perform with the Edit menu.

Editing Multipe Polls: Step 2

Step 3.* Click Apply to update the selected polls.

Moving multiple polls between groups or users

You can move multiple polls from one group or sub-user to another. Use this to keep organized or to create polls for other sub-users. (Polls can only be moved between users when they are sub-users on the same account.)

Step 1. From your My Polls page, select the polls you would like to move and click on the the Move button at the top.

Moving multiple polls between groups or users: step 1

Step 2. Select Move Poll and indicate either the group or the sub-user you would like to move polls to.

Moving multiple polls between groups or users: step 2

Step 3. Click Apply to update and move the selected polls.

Importing Google Moderator topics

Poll Everywhere makes it easy to import Google Moderator topics into your account as Q&A polls.

Step 1. Go to Google Takeout (Google's data export tool), make sure "Moderator" is selected, then click "Next":

Select Moderator data for export

Step 2. Verify "Zip" is selected for the file type from the drop-down (it should be by default) and click "Create archive".

Select Zip file type, then create archive

Step 3. Google will prompt you for your password, then you'll be taken to a status screen that displays a download button when the export finishes:

Download the archive to your computer

Click the "Download" button and save the zip file to your computer.

Step 4. After you downloaded the zip file, open the Poll Everywhere Google Moderator importer, click "Browse", and select the zip or CSV file that you'd like to import:

Upload and import Google Moderator topics to Poll Everywhere

Click "Upload & Import Google Moderator topics" and that's it! In just a few moments your Google Moderator topics will appear as Q&A polls on your My Polls page.

Google Moderator topics grouped by series name in My Polls

A few things to remember

Data: When importing data from Google Moderator to Poll Everywhere, most of your data will transfer over, but not all. Series and responses will arrive safely, but Google Moderator does not export sub-topic responses.

Account: We will NOT count any data you import from Google Moderator against your account limits. For example, you import a question with 50 responses. You select our Free Business account, which allows 25 responses per question. Your question can receive 25 additional responses before it reaches your response limit. So you will hit your limit only when you have 75 responses. Note: Upvotes and downvotes are unlimited.

On-going audience feedback: Poll Everywhere is primarily built for use in live events, so our users typically gather feedback for one question at a time. If you would like to collect feedback for multiple questions at the same time - let’s say three for our example. Create a separate Poll Everywhere account for each question you want to keep open and active at the same time. In our example, you would create three accounts. Each account will have its own unique response page to which you can direct your audience.