Enabling shared activities

Our latest enterprise feature, Shared Activities, is now out for enterprise customers.

Shared Activities will save time and stress when it comes to managing activities that will be presented by dozens, and sometimes hundreds, of different users within a company. Share activities with a team of users on your account. Presenters within that team will be able to present the shared activities independently. Any edits made to the activities will immediately update for all the presenters with access.

Enabling the Shared Activities feature will change some settings on the account. Most importantly, this will limit access to the Account Polls page to only account administrators. This may disrupt some current user workflows who collaborate on activities moving forward. Additionally, this means sub-users will not be able to run reports on activities unless they are shared with them.

Contact your Customer Success Manager to enable this feature. This is an enterprise-only feature.

Note: Enabling this feature will make some visual changes to the Poll Everywhere Presenter App and will limit access to Account Polls to only account administrators. This may disrupt some user workflows.