Shared activities reporting has some small enhancements, but is largely the same as regular reporting. We visually enhanced the report creation flow, added the ability to select activities shared with you, and now list the name of the presenter(s) on all reports. All report types are available.

Step 1: Click Reports on the toolbar.

Select Reports from nav bar

Step 2: Enter a Title for the the report and click Next.

Enter a title for your report

Step 3: Select the type of report and click Next.

Select report type

Step 4: Select activities that you have created (My activities) or activities that were shared with you (Shared activities). Reports may only be for activities you created or ones shared with you. It is not currently possible to report on a mix of both.

Select Shared activities

Step 5: Select the group of activities to report on and click Finish.

Reporting on shared activities: step 5

Step 6: Click the checkbox for any activities to report on. Use the file paths at the top to select another group. Reports can include activities for multiple groups. Then click Finish to create your report.

Reporting on shared activities: step 6

After creating the report. we will show the responses for the currently logged in user by default. Then. you can click the Select presenter menu to see the responses for another presenter for a shared activity or see all responses from all presenters. You may only select either one presenter or all, not a subset of presenters.

Reporting on shared activities: step 7

Note: While reporting on multiple presenters is supported, we recommend using our Data Export feature to run reports for multiple presenters on your account. These reports are designed for individual reporting. Talk to your Customer Success Manager for more details.