Sharing an activity

Once an account administrator has set up Teams any presenter on the account may share activities with their user group. All users must be part of a team to share activities with that team. Only the owner or creator of an activity may share it with others.

Step 1: Put the activities into Groups. Hover over the name of the activity group and click Share.

Share group link

Step 2: Select the team(s) to share the activities with all users in the team. All users within those teams have the ability to present, but are unable edit the activities.

Select team to share actvities

Step 3: The share icon will appear next to any and all groups that are shared. Click on this icon to stop sharing or to confirm who it is shared with.

Shared activity icon link

Any activities added to the activity group will immediately be shared. Any new users added to the team will also immediately get access.

Helpful tip: If the creator of the group of shared activities is removed from the Team, all users within that team will lose access to those shared activities.