Getting started

Poll Everywhere is a web and SMS text-messaging student response system. During class, instructors display a Poll Everywhere activity on-screen and students respond with their phones. The results appear live on-screen for the class to discuss or for the instructor to grade. Instructors use Poll Everywhere to take attendance, give quizzes in classes, find out how well the class has understood a lesson, and generally make learning more active and the students more involved.

Get the response applications

If you will be using Poll Everywhere on a regular basis, it’s best to download and install the mobile response apps. With the app, you can more quickly access polls and see your history of responses.

When class begins, launch the app and type in the instructor’s response name. When the instructor activates a poll, you’ll be able to respond from the app in real time.

Registration with instructors

Some instructors will want to associate your name, email, or student ID with the responses you submit to polls in order to give a grade, assign class participation points, or just to see how you’re doing. In order to participate, you’ll first need to register with that individual instructor. The instructor will send you a registration link or ask you to register during their lesson. While you will have one Poll Everywhere login and password, you will have to register one-by-one with each instructor that requires registration.

You can see which instructors you have registered with by visiting the Settings menu of your Poll Everywhere account and clicking on “Participant registration.”

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Review responses

After class or later in the semester you may want to access your response history to review a question or confirm the submission of a response.

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