Some instructors will ask for your name, email, and student identification so they can evaluate your responses during and after class. There are two methods of registration:


Instructors may require that you register before responding to Poll Everywhere so they can identify your responses for instructional or grading purposes. There are four ways you can register with an instructors account:

  1. Instructor registration link - If you have a link from an instructor, follow the link! They might send it by email, include it in the syllabus, or post it on a class web page. It usually looks something like

  2. Find instructor by email - If you know your instructor’s email address, then you can register ahead of time at

  3. Quick registration in class - Finally, you can register during class using a smart phone or laptop. Just go to the link that is displayed by your instructor in class. If your professor requires registration, you can simply follow the registration prompt and create a Poll Everywhere student account right there. It should only take a minute, just be sure to use your school email, not your personal email.

In-class registration

You can quickly register your name and email with an instructor while in class. You will only have to register once per instructor and after that your name, email, and potentially your student ID will be associated with all your responses to that instructor’s polls (unless the poll says that it is anonymous.) Here’s how to register while in class:

  1. When your instructor activates an activity on their page (it looks something like, you’ll be asked to register:

    Registration screen

  2. If you don’t have a Poll Everywhere account, you will have to create one. If you have an existing Poll Everywhere account, then login from this screen:

    Login and registration screen

  3. Click on the “Register” button and you’ll see a confirmation checkbox:

    Registration confirmation screen

  4. The registration dialog will disapper and you’ll see the instructors active poll:

    Activity screen

How do I enter my student ID, username, or an alternate identifier?

The instructor can always see your email address, but sometimes they’ll also want students to provide a username, login, or other student ID for grading or to be inputed into the learning management system.

If you need to add this, sign in to Poll Everywhere and go to the registrations page. Click the “Details” link under the appropriate university, department, or instructor, and enter an alternate identifier.

What information can my instructor see about me?

Unless your instructor is running an anonymous poll, your name and email will always be available to them next to your answers. If you provide an alternate identifier, they can also see that.

Your full phone number is never shared with them, but in some reports they can see the last 4 digits of your phone number. The main purpose of this is to help verify that your certified phone number is correct. This helps you troubleshoot any problems with getting credit for your answers.

I have several instructors with Poll Everywhere accounts where I have to pay, as the student. Do I need to pay separately for each of them?

No. You will only have to pay the annual cost once to be able to register on any number of accounts.