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Solving presentation challenges

Whether you're presenting for continuing education, to implement organizational change, or simply building a connected workforce – your audience requires education and management requires initiatives to be implemented.

Often however, presenters and educators struggle to achieve their results. First, they present information but have limited ways of seeing if the audience is absorbing the information. There are often post-hoc surveys but they’re incomplete and don’t allow you to course correct on the fly.

Second, presenters are always looking for ways to get quality feedback from the audience. What were people thinking but not sharing? What things do people not know that they want to know?

Poll Everywhere is the leading tool to enhance leadership’s visibility, a company’s transparency, and employee’s engagement.

realtime voting at hospitals

For educators and L&D teams

Over 275,000 times a day, L&D, CME, and Change Management teams at hospitals are using Poll Everywhere to pulse-check their learners, gain insights from the ground floor, and drive true, two-way conversations.

In addition to their traditional pre-test/post-test assessments, the right Poll Everywhere question reveals where people are struggling and the educator can course correct mid-event.

They can also ask open ended questions where the audience members can submit ideas back to the educator. The optional Anonymity feature builds trust and encourages the feedback and discussion you really want.

Of the 20 Most Innovative Children's Hospitals identified by Parents Magazine, nearly 70% use Poll Everywhere - they understand that determining the learner’s comprehension as well as deriving feedback from the audience produces a stronger, more effective learning environment.

realtime voting at hospitals

For communications teams

Poll Everywhere allows you to ask questions to your audience and aggregate/display responses in real time. You can create quizzes, competitions, and reports that deliver insights for your team or your boss.

Plus asking questions and inviting your audience to participate directly inside your presentation helps build a two-way conversation, delivering the inclusive environment your audience wants and the practical insights your team needs.

Poll Everywhere is the leading tool to enhance leadership visibility and transparency, and build employee engagement.

Why? Because a better experience produces a better outcome - whether that outcome is system-wide patient satisfaction, department-specific objectives, or simply camaraderie at the holiday party.

CME programs

Conduct assessments and knowledge checks to ensure the audience understands the material before they leave the room.


Ask questions to capture attention and produce quality feedback. This is a great way to make a huge room seem small.

Leadership development

Instantly build dialog and provide a forum for sensitive conversations. Use additional tools to asses implementation 90 days later.

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