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Breaking through gridlock

Poll Everywhere: Changing the conversation


Keep everyone on track at workshops and training sessions

Learn how Gabriel Grant and Jason Jay use Poll Everywhere to keep workshop participants on the right track. With anonymous, open-ended questions, everyone can speak up honestly. And workshop leaders know exactly where people are veering off course.

Unmatched flexibility

Built for instructor-led training

Poll Everywhere provides engagement and assessment that fit the flow of instruction. You can add icebreakers, quizzes, learning activities, and discussion questions into the presentation slides, so interaction is baked into every session.

With Poll Everywhere we can tell where people are getting lost, and speak to each of those people within the process. We don’t leave anybody behind.

Gabriel Grant

Co-author: Breaking Through Gridlock

Learn about inclusive training and meetings

Tools and resources you can use to train professionals, organizational leaders, and new employees

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Remote and in-person

Remote attendees can participate on equal footing with in-person attendees. They can use their phones to respond to questions as they watch the training livestream.

Polling in medical case study

Level the playing field

Conduct diversity and inclusion workshops where entry-level employees can speak out comfortably, even if the manager is sitting in the very next row.

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Fast feedback

Poll Everywhere gives you instant assessment options, using PowerPoint and participants’ phones. Get feedback right away, anonymous or not.

Hpe meg whitman

HP Enterprise Roadshow

An international brand launch for sales reps

HP introduced their salesforce to the new brand with a high-energy, interactive series of presentations at locations around the world.

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Engagement promotes learning in training sessions and classrooms worldwide

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