Responses from any web browser

Command the audience's attention

Your audience opens a browser and navigates to your personal PollEv page. They see the poll you've decided to activate, and they respond. When you're ready, activate another poll and everyone's screen changes live.

This is great for international audiences equipped with web-enabled devices - no fees for long-distance texting!

Contact us if you'd like to customize the look and feel of your voting page.

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Simple texting

As easy as A, B, C... literally

Your PollEv username also makes text voting simple and easy. Your audience joins your presenter session by texting your PollEv username (e.g. the "yourname" part of your page) to the text voting phone number.

On every poll you activate, they can vote just by typing A or B or C or 1 or 2 or 3 ... you get the idea. You can learn more about enabling presenter session responses from our User Guide.

Activate a poll on the go

Control your polls while enjoying dinner at your table

You can activate polls directly from our Mobile Presenter app on your web-enabled device. Control what your audience sees and what they can respond to, without holing up in front of a computer or behind an A/V station. Try it one-handed!

See our User Guide for more handy things you can do with our Mobile Presenter App.

Contact us if you'd like to customize the look and feel of your voting page.

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