Upgrade or downgrade plan

You can change your plan level at any time by upgrading or downgrading. Many Poll Everywhere customers change plans month by month, depending on what they need at the time. If you have a large event coming up, for example, upgrade to the plan that accommodates the audience size you expect. The month after the event, you can downgrade to a smaller plan, or the free plan, until your next big event arrives.

To change your plan click the Pricing & Upgrades link at the top right of the navigation bar. Select the plan and the subscription term (monthly or annual) that is right for you, and click the upgrade button to continue to the payment page.

Changes you make to your account from the plans page are instant.

Custom plans are available for events and teams larger than what is offered on the Pricing & Upgrades page. If you are interested in a custom plan, reach out to the sales team.

When you you are ready to cancel your Poll Everywhere subscription, downgrade to a free account for business or education. On the plans page, click the downgrade button under the free column. Once you do, your subscription will end, and you will no longer be charged.


Upon upgrading or downgrading between paid plans, a new 30-day billing period begins for the new plan. If you change plans in the middle of the monthly billing period, the prorated remainder of your current 30-day plan will be subtracted from the cost of the new plan. Please note this process will never result in a refund when downgrading.

For example, if you’re halfway through the first month on a $79 plan, and you upgrade to a $199 plan, the system will prorate the $79 to $39.50, subtract that amount from $199, and immediately bill your account $159.50.


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