Creating and assigning teams

Custom account admins have access to the Teams feature. Account administrators have the option to create and assign teams. Team managers have the ability to assign team managers, and add/remove members of any team in which they are a manager.

Teams define which presenters a user may share and receive shared activities. Users can see activities shared with their team on the ‘Shared with me’ page. Learn more about Sharing activities.

Users may be in any number of teams at once. Users may see, present, and run reports on activities that have been shared with their team. When teams are enabled, users who are not assigned to any team will exist in isolation and will not see other users on the account.

Account administrators will have access to the Account Polls page and can see, report, and edit any activities created by users within their teams. Account administrators must be within the same team to have access to these activities.

Creating a team

Step 1: Log into your account, click on the Teams button at the top of the page. Only admins may create teams.

Teams navigation

Step 2: Click the New Team button

New team button

Step 3: In the pop-up window, name your group then click the Create button.

Enter name for new team

You’re now ready to add users to your group.

Adding users to a team

Step 1: Log into your account, click on the Teams button at the top of the page. Only admins may create teams.

Teams navigation

Step 2: Select which Team you want to add users by clicking on the name of the team. Users may only be added to one Team at a time, but may be in multiple teams.

Select a team

Step 3: Select the Add members button on the specific Team page.

Select Add members

Step 4: Decide which user you want to assign to a group. Search for those users by name or email address. Click the Add button to the right of the search results to add to the team. Users are not added until clicking the Save button on the top right of the page.

Search for memebers to add

Congratulations! You’ve now assigned your first user to a team. Add more people to this team to allow them to share and collaborate on activities.

Note: When a user is added to a team with shared activities, they will immediately get access to all activities shared with the team.

Acting as a team manager

Team managers have the ability to manage user access of teams in which they are designated as a manager. A team can have multiple managers, and users may be managers of any number of teams. Team managers cannot add new users to an organization’s account, as well as create new teams.

Team managers can perform any one of these three actions:

Step 1: Add users to their team that are already users within the organization’s account. Only account admins can invite new users to an account.

Step 2: Remove users from a team.

Step 3: Designate additional Team managers within their team by navigating to the Teams tab, selecting a team in which they are a manager, and then clicking the checkbox under the Team Manager column. If a user is an account admin, they are automatically designated as a Team manager and cannot be unselected. (See below)

Select checkbox to assign manager


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