Importing students

Import students from Blackboard into Poll Everywhere

  1. Log in or create your Poll Everywhere account at

  2. Visit, find the button “Add participants” and “connect to LMS”. Select Blackboard and follow the instructions on the screen. Anytime you want to import participants or resync them, you can do so through

  3. Import students. When you click on the tool, it will redirect you to a page where you can select and import your course rosters.

    Import Course Roster

    This will create participant accounts for any of your students who do not already have one. The participant user login will be the email address from Blackboard and a password that you choose. Designating a password here will only apply to new student accounts. Students who already have accounts established will not be affected, they will simply be organized into the correct participant group. Please be sure to import all of your students from Blackboard, even those you may have previously imported. This may take a few minutes.

  4. Now you have designated participant groups. This import will automatically create participant groups by course in your Poll Everywhere account in the right-side panel of your participants page,

    Communicate to your students either via email or in class that they should log in to using their email from Blackboard, and the password you’ve designated. Have them log in and change their password to something private.


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