Activity pages

Poll pages

The poll pages are made up of three components. The navigation bar at the top, the poll slide on the left center of the screen, and the configuration menu to the right.

Poll page

Poll slide

The poll slide is what you see when you present your question. Live responses will be displayed in real time, right here on your poll slide. The majority of the poll slide is reserved for your responses, but you will notice a number of tools around the periphery of the slide.

Poll slide tools

Helpful tip: These tools will disappear when you present your polls. To bring these tools back up, hover over the section of the slide where they should appear. This will cause the tools to reappear.

Action buttons

At the top right of the question slide, you will notice a column of buttons. You can use these buttons to manipulate the slide when you are editing and presenting your activity. Here is what each of these buttons does, from top to bottom:

Poll slide actions

  • Visual settings: This button opens the Visual settings menu that you can use to customize your poll. There are many options to ensure your poll matches your presentation. To learn more about the Visual settings check out the Customizing your poll section of the Presenter guide.

  • Activate: This button will activate your poll. The activation icon looks like a smart phone sending out messages. For detailed information on accepting responses, view the Activating your poll section of the presenter guide.

  • Instructions view: The Instructions view (eye icon) is used to show or hide an activity’s live responses. Depending on the type of activity the popup tool tip may say Show/Hide chart, Hide/Show Text Wall, etc.

  • Lock: The padlock icon is used to lock your activity, preventing anyone from responding until you are ready.

  • Clear: The file box button can be used to clear previous responses to your activity. You can visit the Clearing Responses section of the presenter guide for more details.

  • Fullscreen: The icon with four outward facing diagonal arrows is the fullscreen button. You will use this button to enter fullscreen mode to Present your activities on the Web.

Slide navigation

At the bottom right of the poll slide you will see two arrow icons. You can use these to navigate between questions within a group or survey. You can use these arrows both in and out of fullscreen.

Countdown timer

At the bottom left of the slide is a timer. The Countdown timer will not be visible by default. To reveal the timer, hover over the bottom left-hand corner of the slide. To read more about the timer, visit the Countdown timer article.

Configuration menu

To the right of the slide, you will see the Configuration menu. The Configuration Menu has three views: Configure, Test, and Present.

Helpful tip: The Configuration menu is not available from within any of the Poll Everywhere Presentation apps. If you are creating your activities in a Presentation app, you may need to come here to finish setting them up depending on your desired configuration.

Poll page Configuration menu

Configure: This Configure tab is used to set up response settings, including: how people can respond, managing audience restriction & identity, and timing your polls by scheduling lock and unlock times. Presenters on certain paid plans will also have access to Moderation tools for Open-ended, Word cloud, and Q&A activities in this menu.

Test: This is a test panel for Testing your activity.

Present: The Present tab gives you options for presenting and sharing your activity. Here you will find a resources for sharing your activity via the web, one of the Poll Everywhere Presentation apps, and tools for embedding your activity in a web page.

Edit menu

At the bottom of the Configuration Menu is a bar of buttons that will allow you to Edit, Export, or Delete your activity.

Poll Slide Configuration Menu Edit

Edit: The Edit button will bring you to a screen where you can edit the content of your activity. Click the red Save button at the bottom of your screen to save your changes.

Poll Slide Edit Screen

Helpful tip: If your activity already has response data, you may be limited in the ways that you can edit your poll’s content.

Response history: The history button will open the response history page with several different options for exporting the activity data. Depending on your plan you can access any archive’s summary table, a screenshot of the activity slide, or CSV of the responses.

Delete: The delete button will move activities to the trash page from which you may either restore them or delete them permanently. Check out the Deleting activities article for more details.

Survey Pages

Clicking the title for a survey from your Activities page will bring you to the survey page. Survey pages are similar to poll pages in their layout, but the content is very different. Survey pages have two views: Audience Device and the Presentation View. You can freely toggle between the two views by clicking their titles.

Audience Devices

Survey pages default to the Audience Devices view. This view will show you what your survey will look like from the participant’s perspective. You can use this view to test your survey and submit responses.

Survey audience view

Presentation view

Presentation view will show you the survey slide. The slide is a participant tracker that shows your participants’ progress as they respond to the survey. This slide has action buttons on the right side of the slide that can be used just like action buttons on the poll slides.

Survey presentation view

Survey configuration menu

The survey configuration menu is very similar to the poll pages but it has some key differences. It is important to keep in mind that any changes you make here will affect all of the questions in your survey.

Survey Configure

Configure: This survey page Configure tab will allow you to set whether to display all survey questions on a single page or place each survey question on its own, determine how many times a person may respond to survey questions, and set participant restrictions and identity.

Test: The Test tab provides tools for you to simulate responses to test your Presentation view.

Present: The Present tab will give you options for presenting and sharing your survey.

Export menu

The Export menu at the bottom right of the survey page is also very similar to that of the poll slide pages. You can click the Edit button to edit your survey’s content. Use the Export button to generate a Survey link, duplicate your survey, or run a report if you are on a paid plan. The Delete button will delete your survey completely.

Helpful tip: Be very careful, deleting a survey will delete all of the questions within the survey. Deleting is a permanent action, and deleted data can not be recovered.


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