Import questions

If you have a large batch of questions, you can import these using a CSV file to quickly create activities.

CSV stands for Comma Separated Value. A CSV file is a text file which stores tabular data in plan text. If you open a CSV file in a text editor (e.g. NotePad, WordPad, TextEdit, etc.) you’ll see a string of values (words, numbers, etc.) separated by commas, like this:

Click import

CSV files can also be opened up and edited in a spreadsheet application such as Excel.

The instructions below will walk you through the steps of downloading the CSV template, inserting your questions into it, and uploading the file into your Poll Everywhere account.

Step 1: Click the Import button near the top left of your Activities page.

Click import

Step 2: Click the “Download a CSV template” link and save the csv file to your computer.

Download template

Step 3: Open the downloaded CSV file in your spreadsheet application (for this tutorial we’re using Microsoft Excel on a Mac). The file is pre populated with some sample questions. You can safely delete that data as it is meant as an example of how to format the CSV file.

Helpful tip: You can safely ignore any message saying, “Some features may be lost if you save this workbook in the comma-delimited (.csv) format….”

Open template

Step 4: Complete the CSV file with your questions and answers (if applicable). It might be helpful to take a look at the layout and formatting of the file at this point.

  • Each row is a distinct question and will be converted into an individual activity in your account.
  • Column A is labeled Activity. For now, this will always be “Poll.”
  • Column B is labeled Type. The valid types are:
    • Multiple choice
    • Open-ended
    • Rank order
    • Q&A
    • Word cloud.
  • Column C is labeled Title. This is where to enter your question (e.g. “What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?”)
  • In Columns D and onward are labeled Option. Use these fields to enter answer options for multiple choice and rank order questions. For all other question types, leave the fields blank.
    • To designate a correct answer for multiple choice questions, place three asterisks before the answer as shown in the example images.

Helpful tip: Unfortunately you cannot upload images with the CSV importer. This means you can’t use this method to create any activity that relies on images (such as Clickable image activities or multiple choice activities that use the image answer feature).

Here is an example of a complete CSV file.

Import questions

Step 5: After completing the CSV, save the file. Make sure you save it as a CSV. Again, you can safely ignore any message saying, “Some features may be lost if you save this workbook in the comma-delimited (.csv) format….”

Step 6: Back on the import page of your Poll Everywhere account, you can either drag and drop your csv file or click the upload button to select your file.

Import questions

Step 7: Review your imported activities. Make any adjustments if needed, then click the Import button in the bottom right corner.

Import questions

Step 8: When importing is finished you’ll receive notification of successful import and have the option of either uploading another file, or clicking the Done button.

Import questions


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