Moving activities between users

If you are on a plan with multiple users you can move or copy activities from one user or sub-user to another. This is a convenient way share activities among team members.

Helpful tip: Activities can only be moved or copied between users and sub-users on the same account. To learn about sharing activities with other users on different accounts, check out the article on copying activities using a URL.

Step 1: Once you log into your account, click the Account polls link located in the menu on the left of the screen.

Account polls image

Step 2: Click the name of a user to expand their list of activities.

Expand user list image

Step 3: Place a checkmark next to the activities you would like to move/copy and select Move/Copy from the toolbar (if you’re using a smaller screen you may need to first click the ellipsis button [...] to find the Move/Copy command as shown in the image below).

Select activities

Step 4: Select whether to move or copy the activities and which user to move/copy them to, then click Apply in the bottom left.

Helpful tip: Moving activities will move both the question(s) and responses whereas copying will only copy the poll but not the responses.

Move or Copy

Step 5: Review the activities you wish to move/copy. If all looks good, click the Permanently modify activities button.

Make it so

The activities are now available to whichever user(s) you moved/copied them to.


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