Multiple choice question

Multiple choice activities are by far the most common type of poll used. In a multiple choice activity the audience chooses one or more answers from a set of responses you provide. The Create an activity article provides step-by-step instructions for creating activities, including multiple choice questions, but here are some helpful tips as you think about your multiple choice activity.

Tips & Tricks

Receiving responses: Multiple choice polls can receive responses via SMS text message, web, and the mobile app.

MPC response options

Live chart: Responses display live, as a bar or column chart which move and adjust in real time as responses come in.

Set a correct response: You can designate correct responses to a multiple choice poll. If you are on certain paid plans you can grade the results in a report

MCP Correct Answer

Keep it simple: Multiple choice polls can have any number of response options, but be aware text will appear small on the results chart if you add too many.

A picture’s worth a thousand words: You can use images in place of words. In the image below, someone used images to ask people who they thought would win Super Bowl 50.

MCP with pictures

They’re versatile: Multiple choice questions are a safe choice for a large class or a company town hall, as a traditional A, B, C, as a true or false question, or as a Likert scale.

Inspirational Reading

The Poll Everywhere blog has a plethora of articles on uses and features of multiple choice activities. Here’s a list of articles for your enjoyment.


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