Organize activities

Poll Everywhere allows you to organize your activities and groups to best suit your workflow and style. You can rearrange activities on your My Polls page either by dragging and dropping the title bar of each activity, or selecting activities from the list and using the appropriate action button.

Drag and drop

To reorganize your activities, hover the cursor over the title bar of any activity you wish to move, then click and hold the left mouse button to grab the activity. Next, drag the activity to where you want to place it and release the left mouse button to drop the activity or group in its new location. You can reorganize activities within a group or even move them to a different group.

Drag to Reorder

Helpful Tip: You can also drag and drop entire activity groups the same way.

Using the action buttons

If you are moving more than one activity from one group to another, it may be faster to select multiple activities and use the action buttons rather than drag and drop each individual activity.

Step 1: Select the activities you wish to move.

Select to move

Step 2: Click the Move/Copy button from the Action button menu. (Note: Depending on the size of your display, you may need to click the ellipsis button to access the full menu.)

Select to move

Step 3: Select the group you would like to move the activities to, then click the Apply button.

Select to move

Step 4: Confirm the move by clicking the Permanently modify activities button.

Select to move

You can also use the Action button menu to organize activities into a new group. For more information on working with activity groups, check out the article on organizing activities into groups.


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