The Q&A activity lets the audience submit open-ended responses (questions or ideas), then upvote or downvote other submissions. It’s a great way to swiftly discover which questions the audience would like to address. It’s also perfect for brainstorming with a group as it provides a crowd-ranked list of ideas within seconds. This activity only allows responses through the web or the Poll Everywhere mobile app.

Helpful tip: Users on certain paid plans can use Moderation to manage the flow of incoming responses, and prevent duplicates from muddying the rankings.

Q&A Activity

Participants enter their responses, ideas, questions, etc. into the text box. They can also upvote or downvote responses by other participants which appear on their response page view.

This is the only activity that enables the audience to see other participants’ responses on the response page. Everyone will be able to upvote or a downvote all of the responses submitted. Upvotes and downvotes do not count against the response limit.

Helpful tip: It is important to note that Q&A does not allow for upvoting and downvoting when used as part of a multi-question survey – only open-response submissions. Upvoting functions when the question is activated individually. This ensures that all participants have equal opportunity to upvote or downvote all submitted responses.

Q&A Activity

Presenting Q&A activities


If you want to call out or feature a particular response, hover your cursor over the response. A star icon will appear. Clicking on the star will call out the response in question.

Q&A Activity

Q&A Activity


Sometimes people respond with a suggestion that isn’t exactly helpful. If you have a plan which includes the moderation feature you can stop these before they appear. If you don’t have the moderation feature available to you, or if one just happened to slip past, you can hide the response after the fact.

Hover your cursor over the response you wish to hide. A Hide icon will appear to the left of the response. Click the Hide icon to remove the response from view.

Helpful tip: If your plan includes the moderation feature, you can always get these hidden responses back. If your plan does not have the moderation feature, the response is hidden permanently. Regardless, hidden responses will still be included in reports.

Q&A Activity


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